Why You Should Stop Paying Attention To Bad News 

• July 10, 2022

Nowadays, everything is literally commodified for personal gains. We are in the era when people profit from attention; either for financial or selfish satisfaction. This has in many ways affected our personal lives hence anything that triggers emotions affects performance.

Everyday, the world is bombarded with bad news constantly gushed through television and the internet.

Photo by AronPW 

Over the years I have struggled with my sanity as my social media timeline was flooded with news, gossip and headlines of crisis and disasters here and there.

Bad news ranks more than good news. More surprising is that humans are mostly the actors of these sad incidents. A day rarely goes by without one. Most often, these negative events are more likely to attract eyes than good news. 

So recently, I embarked on my social media timeline clean-up. I unfollowed pages and friends flooding those contents. 

Like magic, I gradually began to regained my sanity. 

I almost lost hope in humanity and the world but I learnt that I was lost in my own mire; crying more than the bereaved.

99% of the bad news neither happened in my neighborhood nor to the people I knew.

I think our society projects negative events as a means to attract more audiences. Incidentally, the society and audience are you and I. This is one of the reasons a large part of our society lives in fear and insecurity.

In the financial market, one of the historic techniques to destabilize a market is to create ‘fud’ – fear of uncertainty and doubts. This strategy works very well in all spheres of life.

The government, media and corporations use it to manipulate the masses.

They are like the Bulls in the market. They introduce and amplify one distraction or another to create unsettling feelings and bias on the Bears who are the large populace for their selfish interests.

What you see or hear does not affect you like how you perceive it.

There’s no other neighbor than the ones currently at your sight.

Worry less about things that you have no control over.

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