How To Organically Stand Out And Sell On Instagram 

• July 13, 2022

Whether you are trying to gain influence, sell or market a product on Instagram, start saying something about it and consistently until it’s obvious that you believe in it. Almost everyone has an Instagram account nowadays for one simple goal; they want to get attention and possibly sell.

But the majority of people seeking attention care less about the audience. Which does not go well with ethics of good communication because, your attention is also required to win someone else’s attention.

Also most people go as far as buying followers and likes to demonstrate their worth and authenticity with no convincing review or portfolio.  Because they want to show off their fake followers as bait to attract new ones. Unfortunately, such practice is a form of desperate marketing channeled to short term profit. 

Fake followers might boost your follower count for a short period, but might work against your brand in the long term.

So, the simple strategy to stand out on Instagram if you are starting off is to BE ORIGINAL and TRUE with yourself and the brand you’re putting out there. That’s because the only truly valuable Instagram followers are real people who care about your brand. 

Then be consistent with your content.

You should know from the start about what you’re saying and who you expect to listen to you. Arrange your profile and start saying it. Rephrase it in every discussion you engage, either in other people’s posts or comments that relate to your brand. 

Always engage in discussion where you can use your brand to solve problems.

⚠️ Avoid being complicated;

The only way your views will make an impression is if someone understands them.

Develop simple hashtags synonymous to your brand or view, it is very important in the long run. Make sure you include them in every single post and comments.

Don’t ignore your followers or attention directed to you, try to communicate and engage with them. If you communicate authentically, people will be attracted to check out your account and may follow you.

You will need to work a little hard and smart to get strangers to interact with your content, so be patient. Don’t over worry or stretch yourself, when you’re not getting the expected number of followers. 

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Nevertheless, you don’t need millions of followers to sell; there are many people consistently making sales with few followers. It’s about relevance. 

When you install relevance in people’s minds, their brain easily spots you whenever a problem arises.

Again the goal is to sell, it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of thousand followers or zero. Get people to believe in your view first.

If you establish a brand, to gain attention and sell is very easy.

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