The Obsession Of Mindless Thinking; Taking Control Of Yourself

• July 10, 2022

Like a kid pulling a horse with rope to no definite destination; our minds are tied with something which continuously drags it. It’s easy to introduce foreign stuff into the mind but difficult to let it go.

Often we consciously allow it to sink too deep in a very short time; it goes inside and becomes an obsession and worrisome especially when it seems unrealistic but you can’t quit thinking about it.

Over concentration on distorted thoughts burns and drains the body more than hard physical labor. Basically, humans hardly give up on a thought until it becomes a burden.

It’s like trying to look away from a scratched spot on your eyeglass. You tell yourself over and over again that you don’t want to look at it, but you can’t stop yourself. This feeling can be particularly distressing if you have gone through emotional trauma before. It can trigger serious frustration and depression.

Excessive attention to one direction prevents you from noticing smiling faces behind. 

You probably don’t want to allow yourself to be drained of a thought which is gradually hurting you – a pet which you adopted but turned into a pest in your home. So you’d let it go. 

If it’s getting to a stage of frustration and affecting your performance, let it go and forgive yourself.

Look at the other side and take a fresh breath.

The interesting thing about losing grip is that it makes you feel free and open. Thinking nothing gives the freedom of everything.

When you shift your attention on something eating you up, everything else leaves. 

It’s a wonder.

Own your life ❤️

Photos by Baptista Ime James

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