Man Strangles His Wife To Death and Attempted to Kill Himself

• August 10, 2022

A husband reportedly strangled his wife to death in Suleja, Niger State over allegations of infidelity. The 45years young man, Mr Adeniyi Jose from Akure, Ondo State was said to had used rope to strangle his wife, Chioma Gloria Ibeh who was 39years from Imo state.

“Mr Jose used a rope to strangle his wife. After killing her, he consumed a poisonous substance”, according to the deceased sister, Brenda Ibeh who visited the couple.

The incident occurred on Monday, August 8, 2022 in Suleja, Niger State.

The couple have been married since 2014 and have a son together.

Chioma Gloria Ibeh and Son. Source: LIB

The unconscious bodies of the couple were found by the wife’s sister, Brenda Ibeh, who visited the couple and didn’t get an answer when she knocked.

So, she peeped through the kitchen window and found her sister’s body with bruises all over, a pillow on her face, and a rope circling her body.

Chioma Gloria Ibeh unconscious body. Source: LIB

She immediately invited the police and when they gained entrance into the house, they found Chioma had died.

The husband, Mr Jose was rushed to Suleja General Hospital, where he’s said to be receiving treatment.

Mr Jose Receiving Treatment in Hospital. Source: LIB

It was gathered that the husband was a jealous man and frequently fought his wife if he suspected she was getting undue attention from men. He reportedly disliked seeing her talking with or discussing with any man according to Source quoted by Linda Ikeji Blog.

Brenda also confirmed that it was not the first time Adeniyi Jose made an attempt on his wife’s life. Also said that Jose had no job while her sister was the breadwinner.

She said:

He is jobless while my sister is the one feeding him and taking care of their 9-year-old child. My Sister works at the registers department of the General Hospital, Suleja Niger state.”

Adeniyi first attempted to kill my sister in the first week of April when my sister returned from fixing our dad’s house in the village. My dad was with Road Safety and his pension money was used to fix his house.

We agreed that she should play that role because she was a graduate. He called her and disturbed her so much that she had to run back and when she did, that same night, he almost killed her with a sharp knives he had bought and drank SNIPER.

The case was reported to the police at Suleja and nothing was done about it”.

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