Kizz Daniel Freed From Arrest, Announces Free Show In Tanzania

• August 10, 2022

Kizz Daniel who was recently arrested in Tanzania for allegedly failing to honour the terms of planned concert agreement has been released, and had rendered apologies, also announces free show in Tanzania.

Recall early this week, the Buga crooner, Kizz was allegedly arrested for failing to perform in front of a sold out 3000 crowd venue over the weekend. Consequently, he was picked up by the Tanzanian law enforcement on Monday, August 8.

The show promoter, Steven Ukah during a video vconference call with media personality Daddy Freeze, revealed that Kizz Daniel, who is on tour of Eastern Africa was paid $60,000 for the performance.

Kizz Daniel. Source: Google Images

Steven further shared that Kizz refused to perform because his luggage which contains his clothes and jewelry was yet to arrive from his previous itinerary.

The promoter added that Kizz Daniel refused to accept all the clothing offered to him by stylists in Tanzania. Likewise, all pleas that he should perform fell on deaf ears as Kizz insisted he won’t perform without his clothes and jewelry.

Meanwhile, in a press conference on Tuesday, the Buga singer said he and the organisers had decided to make it up to the Tanzanian fans who had shown him so much love.

He said;

The people were already going wild; the fans were going wild, which I know was out of love. So no disrespect to the fans… I was asked to stay back. ‘You can’t go’, ‘It’s not safe’.

So I said ok. I sat down with the team, the organisers, the promoters; let’s come up with a way to make it up to the Tanzanian fans and we decided to do a makeup show for free. I even agreed to partner with them this time around.

This Friday, a free show; I will be partnering with Straight Up Vibes to make that happen. I must apologize to the fans. None of this was intentional.”

Hope fans accept his apologies.

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