Insecurity Benefits Gov’t And Everyone, Bandit Reveals – Video

• July 25, 2022

A self-confessed bandit kingpin who identified himself as Abu Sanni has revealed that insecurity is a lucrative business which benefits the government and everyone.

The bandit kingpin made the revelation to BBC Africa Eye in a forest in Zamfara.

Sani claimed to be part of the masterminds in the kidnapping of students of Government Girls Secondary School Jangebe, Zamfara.

According to him, the school girls were abducted by his gang as revenge against the government for sending the military after them.

When the rainy season ended, they sent the military after us.

We decided to show the government they should not interfere in our problems.

We went to Jangebe and took the students.

We wanted to get the government angry,

We demanded N300 million but after negotiations, N60 million was paid for their release.”

Sani said.

As seen in the BBC Documentary titled ‘The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara’, in which Yusuf Anka, a journalist went into remote bandit enclaves in Zamfara to speak with the bandits.

Sanni said when there is insecurity, everyone benefits and the government gets money.

They say when there is insecurity, the government gets money.

Everyone is benefitting. We also get money.

Though for our money, blood is spilled so it continues”

According to Sani.

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